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Pressing Ii Pause 

with Rae Luise
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Embodied Self-Care for Therapists
& Caregivers

2 Online Dates to choose from

October 21st 12-4pm

October 22nd 10am-2pm





Registration $65.00

*including guided restorative practice and free access to resource library

Join me in taking a moment to slow down, lean in, and get to know your inner world. This library of guided meditations, somatic skill building, and psycho-education is yours to access on your path to investing in the wisdom of your mindbody. Each episode will focus on getting to know your nervous system, your strategies for connection and disconnection, and on developing more clear and compassionate ways of communicating with the different parts of yourself. All are welcome. 

Self-care is an essential part of living and working sustainably. In order for these practices to truly translate into our daily lives, they must become embodied in the ways we approach living, working, and loving. This workshop will focus on recognizing our sites and resources for self & community care, abiding with the embodied signals of need and limitation, inquiring about core beliefs we hold about caring for ourselves, and practicing reaching for what is truly nourishing for each of us. This workshop is designed with therapists, health care workers, and caregivers of all kinds in mind. 


Centre for Addiction & Mental Health


Rape Crisis Centre

Gerstein Crisis Centre

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