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Pressing Ii Pause 

with Rae Luise

Gift or take home your own copy of Seasons of Becoming...

Join me in taking a moment to slow down, lean in, and get to know your inner world. This library of guided meditations, somatic skill building, and psycho-education is yours to access on your path to investing in the wisdom of your mindbody. Each episode will focus on getting to know your nervous system, your strategies for connection and disconnection, and on developing more clear and compassionate ways of communicating with the different parts of yourself. All are welcome. 

A collection of intimate reflections on fear and longing, beauty and pain, and the circular seasons of healing. Using writing as a way to invite curiosity, self-compassion, and a deeper connection to Self, Raeya explores complex questions about relationships, recovery and purpose with great tenderness, rage, and humour. This is Rae's first publication and they invite you to find yourself and reflections of your own becoming through these pages. 


Centre for Addiction & Mental Health


Suicide Crisis helpline

Gerstein Crisis Centre

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